Embrace Transformation: My Journey with 11Exhale Yoga Teacher Training

Filed in Teacher Training Insights — May 6, 2024

I’m Julianne Arce, the heart behind 11Exhale Yoga, and today I invite you to walk with me on a path of transformation that goes beyond the mat – a journey to becoming a certified yoga teacher. Here at 11Exhale, we believe in creating experiences that foster growth, empower community, and nurture self-discovery. I want to share with you what makes our Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) a truly life-altering experience.

A Personal Odyssey of Healing and Growth

Before diving into what our YTT offers, let me take you back to where it all started for me. After a traumatic military experience that left deep scars, I found myself lost, yearning for healing and something that felt like true peace. Yoga became that sanctuary for me, a place where I could heal and gradually piece myself back together. This journey was not just about physical poses; it was about rediscovering my inner strength and integrity.

Inspired by my transformation, I founded 11Exhale to extend the same opportunity for growth and healing to others. Our YTT is not just a program; it’s a passage to finding your own peace and power.

The Unique Essence of Our Yoga Teacher Training

Our YTT is set against the serene backdrop of Joshua Tree, California, a place where the vast landscapes invite introspection and connection with nature. This two-week immersive retreat is designed not only to deepen your practice but also to teach you how to share this sacred knowledge with others.

Comprehensive Curriculum

We cover all facets of yoga – from the physical aspects like asanas and anatomy to the spiritual and philosophical components. However, what sets us apart is our emphasis on the ‘Practice to Purpose’ program. This initiative encourages you to explore how you can align your personal practice with a deeper sense of purpose, turning yoga into a tool for real-world impact.

Empowerment Through Self-Guidance

At 11Exhale, we stress the importance of self-guidance. I teach you to lean into your own practice, listen to your body, and ask what you need each day. This approach not only prepares you to be a teacher who inspires but also ensures that your practice remains a personal sanctuary that you can always turn to, irrespective of external circumstances.

Community and Connection

Perhaps the most beautiful aspect of our YTT is the sense of community. As you journey through these two weeks, you’ll build connections that last a lifetime. Our group sessions and collaborative learning experiences are designed to foster a supportive and inclusive environment. Here, everyone is welcome, and every story matters.

Transform, Teach, Empower

By joining our YTT, you’re not just signing up for a certification. You’re embarking on a transformative journey that will empower you to not only deepen your own practice but also to guide others on their paths. You will leave equipped with the knowledge, confidence, and heart to teach authentically, compassionately, and effectively.

In these two weeks, amidst the peaceful aura of Joshua Tree, expect to transform. Expect to find a part of yourself that maybe you’ve been searching for. Expect to become not just a teacher, but a beacon of strength and serenity.

Ready to Join Us?

If you’re ready to step into this journey of growth, empowerment, and transformation, I warmly invite you to our next Yoga Teacher Training. Spaces are limited, as we keep our sessions intimate for deeper learning and connection. Secure your spot and start your journey to becoming a certified yoga teacher with a purpose.

With warmth and excitement, Julianne Arce

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