where every breath marks the beginning of a new journey—a journey towards deeper understanding, greater strength, and true connection. Founded by Julianne Arce, 11Exhale is not just a yoga studio or retreat center; it's a beacon for those seeking to transform their practice, their teaching, and their lives.

Welcome to 11Exhale,

About 11Exhale: Our Journey, Your Transformation

Our journey began with a single breath, a moment of clarity amidst the chaos of life. Julianne, grappling with the challenges of PTSD and the demands of motherhood, found solace in the ancient practice of yoga. This was not just exercise; it was a lifeline—a path to peace, resilience, and empowerment.

Driven by a profound transformation, Julianne envisioned a space where others could also experience the transformative power of yoga. With an E-RYT 500 certification from Yoga Alliance and an MBA, Julianne combines deep expertise in yoga with a sharp acumen for creating meaningful, impactful learning experiences. This unique blend of skills and passion gave birth to 11Exhale.

Our Story

About 11Exhale and Julianne Arce

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At 11Exhale, we understand the struggles of finding balance, seeking growth, and the desire to share yoga's gift with others. We are here to guide you through these challenges, offering:

Deep Expertise: With Julianne's extensive training and experience, our programs are designed to offer depth, insight, and practical knowledge, ensuring you receive the highest quality education.

Holistic Approach: Our teachings go beyond physical asanas, embracing yoga's mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions. This holistic approach empowers you to bring about true transformation in yourself and your students.

Community and Support: The journey of transformation is profound when shared. 11Exhale is more than just a place to learn; it's a community where lifelong connections are forged, offering support, encouragement, and inspiration.

At 11Exhale, we believe in the power of stories and relationships. We invite you to become part of our story, as we become a part of yours. Together, let's breathe, transform, and exhale into a world of endless possibilities.

Are you ready to transform your practice, teaching, and life? Explore our teacher training programs, workshops, and retreats designed to empower you on your yoga journey.

Connect with us to discover how 11Exhale can support your path towards becoming not just a yoga teacher, but a yoga leader.

Welcome to 11Exhale, where every breath marks the beginning of a new journey. I'm Julianne Arce, the founder of this sanctuary, and my story intertwines deeply with the transformative power of yoga.

As a veteran and a mother navigating the challenges of PTSD and personal upheaval, I discovered yoga and meditation not just as a practice but as a profound path to healing. It became my lifeline, helping me manage the chaos of life and leading me to a profound realization: I needed to align my career with my passion for healing and empowerment.

Leaving law school to pursue yoga full-time was a pivotal decision, driven by a desire to share the peace and resilience I had found. 11Exhale was born from this transformation—a studio that extends beyond physical practice to a community where growth and empowerment flourish.

At 11Exhale, we invite you to join us in this space of renewal. Whether you are seeking tranquility, strength, or deeper self-understanding, our studio is a haven for all. Together, we breathe, we transform, and we rise—embracing the endless possibilities within each of us.

Thank you for being here. Let's breathe new life into our journeys, together.


Julianne Arce, 11Exhale Founder

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