Do you struggle with the fear that you might not measure up, or feel overwhelmed by the expansive knowledge to be gained? Maybe it’s the sound of your own voice in a quiet room that unnerves you, as you contemplate whether you truly have a place at the front of the class. We intimately understand these challenges—the financial worries that linger, the struggle to balance life's numerous responsibilities with your yoga ambitions, and the nagging doubts of imposter syndrome that can dim even the brightest achievements. At 11Exhale, we recognize you in your entirety: your passion, your fears, and the courage it takes to embark on this path.

Taking the leap from yoga practitioner to teacher is both exhilarating and daunting, filled with self-doubt and a multitude of questions

let me guess...

Where Practice Meets Purpose

Balancing your passion for yoga with life's other commitments has left you searching for a supportive community that understands your journey. 

You've felt the tug of imposter syndrome, questioning your ability to step confidently into the role of a yoga instructor. 

The thought of sharing the transformative power of yoga with others fills you with excitement, yet the path to becoming a teacher seems clouded with uncertainty.

You crave a deeper connection to your yoga practice, beyond the physical poses, delving into its spiritual and philosophical depths.

You know you need this because...

Having absorbed the science and art of yoga, you'll now proceed to the teaching methodology. Here, you'll refine your unique teaching voice, master hands-on adjustments, and perfect the art of Savasana - the treasured culmination of a yoga session. This phase ensures that every yoga session you conduct leaves a lasting imprint on your students.

Outcome: A holistic immersion into the science, art, and teaching methodology of yoga.

phase three: Lead it

Guided by lead trainer, Julianne Arce, you'll assimilate the fine art of yoga, understanding the nuances of creating a sacred teaching space and guiding others on their yogic journey. This phase also covers the essence of meditation and introduces the business side of yoga, equipping you to articulate your message and effectively market your skills.

Outcome: Profound integration of the art and essence of the yogic lifestyle.

Phase Two: Live It 

In this initial phase, you'll unravel the science behind yoga, understanding each tradition's impact on the physical body. Dive deep into the respiratory and nervous systems, and grasp how yoga enhances life force energy in the human body. Through videos, lecture and guided actions, you'll begin to perceive the potent science of yoga, envisioning yourself as a guiding beacon for your community.

Outcome: A robust intellectual grasp of yoga's scientific aspects.

Phase One: Learn it 

Your mat, our guidance, and a journey of a lifetime

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"I am beyond grateful for my experience"

I loved everything about the training from how holistic it was, the size of the group (6 students), the curriculum filled with Vinyasa, Yin, and Restorative Style teaching, Yoga anatomy and Yogic philosophy. I really liked the feel of the studio and the town was just dreamy perfection. I felt like I soaked up as much as I possibly could in 2 weeks and that was due to the organization, experience and thoughtfulness of the Arce's. They show up fully every single day, with supplemental activities and offers and were willing to go above and beyond for the program. I am beyond grateful for my experience

Master the arts of both Vinyasa and Yin Yoga


Advanced Business Training: Turn Passion to Profession 


200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training  Certification  


15 Day In Person Training - 14 Night Accomodations


Here's what you will receive...

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2 week yoga teacher training Retreat


Joshua Tree is selected for its tranquil and inspiring natural surroundings, making it an ideal setting for deepening your yoga practice and personal growth. The unique energy of the desert, combined with stunning landscapes, provides a serene backdrop that enhances the retreat experience. Participants can expect a peaceful environment that fosters mindfulness, creativity, and connection with nature. The retreat center itself is designed to complement the natural beauty of Joshua Tree, offering comfortable accommodations, outdoor spaces for practice, and areas for quiet reflection and meditation.

Why is Joshua Tree the chosen location for the retreat?

Graduating from our 200-hour YTT doesn't mean your journey with us ends. We offer ongoing support through our alumni network, mentorship opportunities, and advanced training discounts. Our community remains a resource for you to tap into for advice, continued learning, and connection with fellow yoga teachers. At 11Exhale, you're part of a family that continues to support and inspire long after your initial training is complete.

What support is available after the retreat ends?

Our retreat is uniquely designed to not only deepen your yoga practice but also to empower you with the skills and confidence to teach. Unlike traditional programs, we offer a holistic approach that includes mentorship, a supportive community, and an immersive experience in the serene environment of Joshua Tree. Our focus is on transformation—personal and professional—ensuring you leave ready to inspire others on their yoga journey.

What makes the 11Exhale 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Retreat different from other programs?

Our program is crafted to cater to a range of experience levels. While having a foundation in yoga can be beneficial, our comprehensive curriculum and supportive teaching environment make it accessible even to those relatively new to the practice. We encourage a spirit of learning and growth, ensuring everyone, regardless of their starting point, feels empowered to deepen their practice and explore the path of teaching yoga.

I’m new to yoga; is this program suitable for beginners?

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Whether you are new to yoga or looking to transition into teaching, Julianne’s expertise and compassionate guidance will light the way.

Julianne has successfully fused her business acumen with her love for yoga, establishing 11Exhale as a beacon for those seeking transformation, wellness, and a deeper connection to their practice. Her comprehensive approach goes beyond physical asanas, delving into the philosophical and spiritual aspects of yoga, making her teachings rich, accessible, and deeply impactful.

With an MBA and a heart dedicated to service!

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