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Whether you are new to yoga or experienced, our classes are designed for any age or body type. This soulful experience is designed to expand your range of motion, balance, joint articulation, flexibility, and mind capacity.  


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A life-changing and heartwarming experience awaits any yogi who chooses 11Exhale. My time spent there was truly uplifting and full of the happiest surprises. Every day was packed full of practice, play and learning; structured in a way that felt like it was made for me and my fellow yogis. In addition to plenty of physical practice, we also studied the Anatomy, gained an understanding of different styles of Yoga, practiced finding our own unique voices as teachers, went on group excursions for learning outside of the studio, and explored and discussed the ethical side of Yoga. And my favorite part of training was the Spiritual and emotional aspect which was prevalent throughout. I expected to gain a deeper knowledge surrounding Yoga but I hadn’t expected to be so emotionally fulfilled and supported by the little community we ended up building. Julie creates such a loving and safe atmosphere for her “OMies”. 11Exhale is a very special place.

Review by Alexandra Gabrielle Canales

11Exhale Yoga Academy Alumni


How To Build Your BEST Yoga Practice.

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What is Yoga?

Yoga is the union of all energy. Yoga is the mind set free. Yoga creates space for light to radiate out from the heart. The past doesn’t matter. Right here is where we start. Breathe into the present moment flow. Whatever we practice will surely grow. Kindness, balance and flexibility – in the mind, body and spirit that enlivens you and me. Yoga is about accepting and letting go. Seeing how we make our own meaning from this cosmic divine show. Yoga begins the moment you want to get out of a pose. It creates a restorative environment with healing pose and flow. Yoga is more than a physical pose. Its about meditating on what we chose and how to embrace it, never chase it nor erase it, but just grace it with your next exhale.   – EL

The personal growth I had. I met the most amazing women ever, we just synchronized so well. We all put forth 100% of our authentic selves. Everyone was ready to start & explore their new yogic journey. We were all so supportive of one another, each individual truly cared about the other. The instructor took the time to really get to know, understand, & accept each person. I was nervous at first, because u don’t know much going into it, but goodness am I so appreciative that I took that leap of faith & did this retreat. Julianne & Rafael are incredible human beings & if u’r honest & give a 100% of yourself u’ll gain so much from this experience.

Review by Cherèe Reyna

11Exhale Yoga Academy Alumni

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Our yoga studio class experience will teach you to create expansion in your mind, body, spirit by building your best yoga practice.

Julie Arce, Founder  – 11Exhale 



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